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Custom Test Engineering Integrated with Your Product Development Process

AC Hardware Testing Services are customizable and designed to complement your product development. We ensure maximum testing options and flexibility through complete turnkey ownership of your entire test plan or ad hoc test engineering for targeted support.

With technical expertise in mechanical, electrical, and firmware testing, our test engineering teams are uniquely equipped to understand your project. We move quickly to customize test protocols and create test fixtures for data collection, analysis, and design recommendations.

Turn to AC for a full range of custom hardware testing services to ensure successful material selection, verification and validation, and failure analysis of your product.

Engage Early to Drive Results

Test Planning Using AC’s Proven Processes

Data-driven product development starts with early test planning to determine parameters for verification and validation. We engage early or at any stage of your development journey to deliver dedicated testing services.

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The AC Hardware Testing Sweet Spot

Through a comprehensive data analysis review and an iterative design process, a well-planned and expertly executed test plan delivers the successful verification and validation of your product. AC Hardware Testing includes a diverse spectrum of test methods and testing service, including:

> Integrated Mechanical, Electrical, and Firmware Testing
> System and Subsystem Testing
> Failure Analysis
> Custom Fixture Design, including Precision Fixturing and Tooling
> Automated Hardware Testing
> Data Analysis
> Redesign Recommendations
> Line Test Development
> Manufacturing Buildout Quality Control

Lean on AC’s expertise to ensure the V&V success of your product design and market success through our deep engineering and testing experience and hands-on partnership at every stage of your journey from specification to iterative design.

Test Engineering Videos, Guides, & Case Studies

Automation Testing and Hardware Strategies _ ATX West 2023

Video | Automation Testing and Hardware Strategies

Watch Expert Director Harry Richards speak to the versatile applications of our expert automation capabilities.

Haptic Noise Interference _ Test for Design Validation, Part 1

Guide | Haptic Noise Interference | Test for Design Validation, Part 1

Learn more about how AC engineers develop systems with nearly imperceptible haptic noise interference and feedback.

Helmet Impact Testing_ Blitzing on a Budget

Case Study | Helmet Impact Testing: Blitzing on a Budget

Learn more about AC's work developing a helmet with a unique liquid-damping system designed to minimize traumatic brain injuries in high-impact sports.

Supercharge Your Hardware Testing with Integrated Engineering Teams

Engineering Services Across the Product Lifecycle

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Equip your technologists and subject matter experts with the equipment and data they need to optimize the R&D process.

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From concept to production execution, or jumping in mid-development, our engineers are experts at product realization.

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We tackle a wide range of ambitious and ambiguous automation challenges with a fresh and unbiased perspective.

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Engineering Teams

IET quickly and seamlessly integrate to your teams and processes for a quick expansion of talent and focus.

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